Hey there! I ’m  Lindsey mcmurray,
and I design memorable experiences.

Portfolio iBook

This is an iPad interactive book of my online portfolio that I created using iBooks Author.

Interactive Design

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The Skillery

The Skillery is an online marketplace for classes, workshops, lectures and dynamic, offline learning experiences in Nashville, TN.

UX/UI Design, Identity/Branding, Information Architecture

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The Skillery Responsive

Turning The Skillery into a responsive design was not related to the original client project. This was done as a school project to push my design skills onto new platforms.

UX/UI Design, Information Architecture

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Pearls & Curls

Pearls & Curls is a responsive WordPress theme for women who enjoy blogging about inspiration for weddings. This project was a school assignment.

UX/UI Design, Identity, Information Architecture

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Dury's Redesign

Dury’s is a Nashville based photography store. I redesigned the landing page to their eCommerce site for a school project. Organizing the site’s content proved to be the biggest challenge for this redesign.

UX/UI Design, Information Architecture

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Home Traditions

Home Traditions is an online magazine that I created for a school project. We were required to write our own content, create an identity, and design online ads.

UX/UI Design, Identity, Information Architecture, Content Strategy

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Used 2 Be Mine

Used 2 Be Mine is an upscale consignment/resale store in Sikeston, MO, that sells and buys collectibles, furniture, antiques, and other gently used items.

UX/UI Design, Branding/Identity, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing

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Desktop Disposal

Desktop Disposal is a computer recycling company based in Dallas, TX, that ensures proper handling of obsolete computers and equipment.


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Digital Hero Games

Digital Hero Games is an iOS mobile game development studio based in Nashville, Tennessee.


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Poor Man's Halloween

Poor Man’s Halloween was inspired by some Halloween illustrations on Dribbble and my friend who could not afford a Halloween costume. I wanted to lift my friend’s spirit and bring a good laugh to my Dribbble followers.


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Mavericks Jersey

This was entered into a jersey design contest for the Missouri Mavericks hockey team. It did not win the competition; however, it gave me the opportunity to design for a new type of audience.


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Cicada Intruder

This illustration was inspired by the famous youtube video “Bed Intruder,” and the summer of 2011 when cicadas took over Nashville. To say the least, cicadas traumatized me that summer.


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Not Like the Other

“One of these is not like the other” is an illustration I did for a class project. We were instructed to find words from our full name, then bring them to life through a meaningful illustration.


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Gamer Avatars

I illustrated these avatars for a contest on 99 designs. The avatars depict the various types of gamers and are meant to provide a visual while giving statistics about each player's personality.


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Shirt 4 Life

Shirt 4 Life is a non-profit company that helps raise money for Africa by selling t-shirts. All
of the proceeds pay for the treatment and prevention of Aids in women and children.
This motion graphic is a 2012 Silver Addy

Illustration, Animation, Script Writing

Gather round, it's story time.

Thanks to Donald Duck and my love for scented markers, my passion for design began at the age of 6 when I entered a coloring contest and won the first place prize of $20.00. After I spent my winnings on the most girly pink and purple fishing pole I could find, I realized I wanted to get paid to design for the rest of my life.

Yup, that's the one!

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Why I'd make a good hire
So, many years later I went on to study Interactive Media and Web Design at The Art Institute of TN-Nashville which alas led to my true love, UX/UI design. Now with my B.F.A. just weeks away from completion, I’m in search of fulfilling my childhood dream of working for a firm that shares my passion for design, and my love for scented markers.

Fun facts arranged in a pretty fashion.

  • My top picks to live, work, and explore in.

The Current Favs:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Skyrim
  • Digital Shades by M83
  • Assholes Finish First
  • Sol
  • Sushi
  • Howl’s Moving Castle

Bucket List:

  • Sky dive
  • Jump from a cliff in a wing suit

  • See the northern lights
  • Scuba dive
  • Backpack across

  • Compete in an intermediate triathlon

  • See a great white shark
  • Chase a tornado in the dominator

How I Spend My Time:

  • Designing
  • Working out
  • Finding inspiration
  • Finding adventures
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • TV/Movies/Video Games
  • Watching Chief’s games

Words of Praise:


Lindsey has been a wonderful intern. She takes direction well and comes up with solid solutions to difficult problems, all in a very timely manner. She also has a great personality and sense of humor, making her an ideal candidate for any creative team.”
-Nick Sigler, Cabedge

Lindsey is a talented designer who listens to her clients, provides creative feedback, and delivers a quality product. She designed a logo and website for us, and we regularly receive positive feedback about her work. She was a pleasure to work with, and we would happily hire her for projects in the future.”
-Matt Dudley, The Skillery

Lindsey and I worked together on the design team for BarCamp 2011. I was very impressed with her creative designs and technical knowledge as well as her dependability and professionalism. I think Lindsey would make an excellent addition to any creative team.”
-Melanie Meadows, Meadows Creative


  • 2012 Silver Addy Winner
  • Alpha Beta Kappa National Honors Society Member

  • 3.9 GPA
  • Graduating with honors
  • AI-TN RGB Web Club President

As a Matter of Fact...

  • I cannot stand the improper use of you’re & your, or fork biting.

  • I always lock my car at least three times in a row.

  • My nick name is Pebbles

Don't be shy!

Drop me a line. Let’s talk design, grab a cup of coffee, or go fishing!